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B. The mystical quality of the Holy Communion.


Just as the monergistic act of regeneration on the dead soul of a sinner is a mysterious and mystical work of God alone, so the inner workings of the Eucharist are not...

A.  The Christian’s communion with Christ in the Eucharistic sacrament of the Holy Communion


      1.   The meaning of the Holy Communion with Christ.


In that Divine action of regeneration, we are brought int...

1. It is a life-giving action (Ephesians 2. 4-5)

    This God-initiated regeneration accomplishes exactly what He means it to do. Through the Sovereign power of the Holy Spirit, life is spiritually injected into the living flesh but deceased inner being of the subject a...

"Indeed, the believer, when he sees sacraments with

his own eyes, does not halt at the physical sight of

them, but by those steps (which I have indicated by

analogy) rises up in devout contemplation to those

lofty mysteries which lie hidden in sacraments." [1]

There is much...

     Excellence is brilliance. Excellence is superiority. Excellence is distinction. Excellence is what sets the Lord Jesus Christ apart from all men, angels and created things. In His shadow, everything is mediocre. Nothing measures up to Him. The excellence of Christ...

I often wonder why it is as we progress in this earthly process called aging that our memory seems to lose the ability to retain its contents. Is it because our brains do not grow once they reach a certain point of DNA inspired size? Is it because of the gradual reduct...

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